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Atv Cross Canada


Welcome to Atv Cross Canada! You have 12 level in front of you, each level is a new challenge for you so try your best and give your best and show who’s the best. Try to do as many tricks to help you win more points and make the best score! To get score for doing trick you need to start do the trick holding trick button when in air and release button before reaching the ground. You can get score multiplier by doing frontflip or backflip while performing the trick. Doing tricks combo will also multiply your score for these tricks. Try not to flip your ATV or it’s game over for you. Fantastic graphics, animation, background music that will delight you. The game is suitable for all ages, especially for lovers of ATV games! Have fun doing tricks!
Instructions: Use arrow keys to drive and balance your ATV. Z/1 X/2 C/3 V/4 – ATV tricks